Staff photo of Mike (Bat Cone Certified)


Representative / Bat Cone Certified Specialist

1.  Why did you choose to come into the pest control business.. While growing up I always had an interest in animals and I know that I wanted to work with them in some capacity, so I attended Sir Sanford Flemming College in Lindsay and to the Integrated Pest Management Course  2.  If you could give one piece of advice to your teenage self, what would it be? Learn as much as you can for as long as you can.  3.  The mantra that I live by is... "Be positive, patient and persistent"  4.  My favourite work experience I have had working at Pest-Away Inc. is... We had a client with squirrels in their attic.  The squirrel had damaged the outside of their home by tearing an opening in the soffits to gain entry inside, clawed through their ceiling in their living room.  The squirrel did damage and left feces all through the attic.  We set live traps and captured, removed and relocated two squirrels.  We then had the exterior entry point sealed off. The clients were unbelievable had and continuously praised Pest-Away for the great work and quick response time as these clients lived in Grand Bend. Truly a happy customer 5.  The hidden talent I have that no one knows about... Long distance bicycle rider 6.  And finally, last but certainly not least, while I'm at work I'm responsible for... The health and safety of my clients, co-workers, company and myself