Receptionist - Accounts Receivables

1.  Why did you choose to come into the pest control business...

I was offered the admin position full time after Melissa left.  I have known Mitch, Cassie and their children ( Calvin and Alyse) since before their children were born.  I was lucky to help for the spring client calls.  Now, I am a very happy receptionist and A/R Administrative Assistant.

2.  If you could give one piece of advice to your teenage self, what would it be?

Go after your goals.

3.  The mantra that I live by is...

"Enjoy each and every day! Life if GOOD"

4. My favourite work experience I have had working at Pest-Away Inc. is.

Talking to clients and helping people every day.

5.  The hidden talent I have that no one knows about... 

I can only whistle with my fingers.

6.  And finally, last but certainly not least, while I'm at work I'm responsible for... 

I am the Administrative Assistant, answering calls, talking to clients, invoicing, accounts receivables, and monthly statements.